As well as offering standard size uniforms we also offer a tailor made service, should our. WWBRITISH OFFICER SERVICE DRESS UNIFORM. Leather jackets, trench coats.

These are new uniforms and exact reproductions , NOT cheap conversions, movie props or low. Mhelmets to all the badges you need for a complete uniform.

Flags, T-Shirts and Plaques Naval Kriegsmarine Officer Richard Underwood Militaria. On this site, you will find items ranging from Uniforms , Daggers and medals, to the Rare and Exotic. Luftwaffe Officers Real Silver Wire Breast Eagle. Unterscharfuhrer Shoulder boards with pink waffenfarbe and origin.

Here you find many military products . Repro and some original pieces. Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Uniform SS – Sturmbannführer. Das Reich and Nordland Officer M-Uniform.

Replica Uniforms made for Reenacting or Collecting – SS – Schutzstaffel. WWWWII GERMAN ARMY OFFICER TUNIC JACKET GREAT CONDITION. German SS Uniforms – Tyske ss uniformer.

SS Company Grade Officer Insignia Set. Items for sale on this page are REPRODUCTIONS. This Mercedes Killed A Nazi General. Michael Janke caps and uniforms are World famous and the very best reproductions available and.

Our basic Officers Tunic and Pant. Allgemeine- SS , MOfficer or NCO. A Recently Completed Officers Tunic. This incredible, museum quality replica is one of the rarest examples of Third Reich memorabilia, and available . WAFFEN – SS OFFICERS , MSTYLE FIELD TUNIC.

Jacket has dark green collar with four pleated pockets, nice interior, and your choice of either Straight leg . Very unique replica collar insignia for the rank of Reichsjugendfuhrer, the highest. Schutzstaffel (abbreviated SS ) uniforms and insignia were used by the Nazi. Gestapo Standartenführer’s.

Die Uniformen der Schutzstaffel (SS) waren vornehmlich paramilitärischer Art und wurden in. Diese erste SS- Uniform bestand aus einer schwarzen SA- Mütze, die neben der schwarz-weiß-roten Kokarde. Waffen SS General Sepp Dietrich.