Quick and easy snowboard size calculator and sizing charts to help you find the gear made for you and your specific riding habits. Use our handy snowboard size calculators to find out what length is right for you. What Size Board Do I Need?

Not a simple question, and theres really no absolute answer. Its based on many things, which include your height, weight, riding .

Your best snowboard size calculator for finding your perfect snowboard lenght based on weight, height, gender, level and your specific riding habits. He really appreciates your feedback you might have. Need more help or just want to chat with other . How do you pick the correct snowboard length ? The length of your snowboard will vary depending on your body weight and the type of riding you plan . Find out what size snowboard suits you best, by putting in your details below.

Having the right sized snowboard will insure that you learn quickly. The typical snowboard length ranges from 90cm that can .

Myth: If you stand behind your snowboard , the vertical height of your board should land somewhere between your nose and your chin. Grab some popcorn, maybe a soda, . They will tell you automatically the length of the board you need. I was suggested by this snowboard calculator to take a 152cm as a free . Equipment can make or break your snowboarding experience.

A properly sized snowboard links seamless turns, maintains speed on the groomers and floats . How to choose a snowboard. This will sometimes be the . Choosing the right snowboard size can be difficult. Often opinions vary on how long or how short to go. Find great deals on premium outdoor gear. The main factors in choosing the right snowboard and size are:.

Find on this page the sizing chart for all the Rossignol products. The factors that influence your snowboard size are vast, and every board is unique, . Glisshop, expert in wintersports and boardsports, online ski sale, snowboard equipment. Rental tabbed section design with integrated calculator for dynamically changing the length and width needed for rental.

Calculate the size of your snowboard.

There are many articles on line that explain what size snowboard you should buy , but GearChase. Learn how to choose the best board size. Some of these things run counter to some widely .