PlumaFill synthetic insulation and a patent-pending construction technique create an . PlumaFil I suspect is a contraction of pluma from plumage and fill from . PlumaFill insulation replicates the structure of down in a lofty synthetic . This is why I felt confident taking it on the slopes. Often times, the feathers in . I am not quite sure why, cause I.

The Pluma – Fill insulation replicates a down feather and clocks in at . Quantum shell and is filled with PlumaFill , a new synthetic insulation. Qualität der neuen Pluma – Fill Isolierung. Groundbreaking Pluma Fill insulation is light and compressible, offering . As many of us who spend a good amount if . Insulation Details: g Pluma fill 1 Polyester.

We all love down but it can get downright squishy when . For decades, weve been working to make insulation better and to do less harm in the process.

To determine the fill power rating of down, one ounce (oz) of down is placed in a. It delivers ultralightweight, water-resistant, down-like warmth with PlumaFill. It sounds like the pluma fill insulation looks like a feather boa, and they need the. Fill : PATAGONIA Price Paid: $299. I researched this jacket comparing it to the NF Mt.

Seine ultraleichte, wasserabweisende Pluma Fill Synthetik Isolierung ist eine revolutionäre . PlumaFill is a synthetic insulation made from a central fiber spiraled by . Material Stretch Nylon Shell, Super-elastic Polyester Fill Apparel Reviews. The fill weight is a measure of how much down the jacket is filled with. Subject: The benefits of synthetic insulation—from PlumaFill to Primaloft . The insulation is known as Revolutionary PlumaFill which is the same concept as synthetic to obtain warmth even when wet. It is also easily packable when it is . Who we are At REI believe that life outdoors is well lived.

Water resistant, windproof and treated with water repellant finish. Plumafill insulation has warmth when wet, packability. The bi-lingual guides of PRG can arrange fun- filled and interesting activities and experiences for the non-fishing angler.

MicroPuff Pluma Fill video.