Ein Wind von Leichtigkeit bläst über das Freerando . The RESPONSE is part of the new generation of FREETOURING skis with a new- school shape. Der RESPONSE ist einer dieser Free Touring Skis der neuen Generation. A slightly redesigned tip and tail shape is integrated with light rocker to make turns more fluid. And with a light rocker tip and a heavy dose of carbon technology, the ski could .

El RESPONSE es parte de la nueva generación de esquís FREETOURING. Ski der Kategorie Freeride alpin mit Punk- ten in der. Sa spatule light rocker fait partie intégrante de son succès car elle permet sans aucune entrave. The light rocker construction allows for quick change and offer an excellent absorption of Unebenenheiten. LIGHT ROCKER (6-8- -12).

This mid-width ski with 89mm underfoot has modern shape and a light rocker. La sciancratura e la lunga punta Rocker rendono questo sci galleggiante senza sforzo nella neve profonda e lo rendono super-fluido su. Light Rocker in punta e .

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