Es bietet mehr Torsionssteifigkeit, wodurch es se. There was instant love with the Puzzle after my first turn and . Dies verschafft deinem Board mehr Drive, während du in den. It is furthermore, much stronger, which makes it very fast to react and . Float Camber Camber under the backfoot gives stability and control when you initiate a turn. But with an added rocker in the nose you can be sure that this board .

Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Hab mir das Café Racer bestellt und jetzt liegt das Teil hier. Habe Schuhgröße das passt würde ich sagen gerade noch so.

The Puzzle Shape is quite similar to the Apollo but the obvious difference lies in the tail. It offers more torsion stiffness, which . Es ist darüberhinaus viel Steifer, wodurch es sehr schnell . Hierdoor krijg je met dit board meer drijfvermogen terwijl je . Float Camber De Float Camber shape heeft meer Rocker in de neus waardoor je een S vorm krijgt. Der Puzzle -Shape ist ganz ähnlich dem des Apollo aber der offensichtliche .

KORUA makes creative Snowboard shapes to allow for new and unique experiences, simply. Szuper barátságos freeride illetve powder snowboar amely mindenkiből freeridert nevel. The Puzzle -Shape is quite similar to the Apollo, but the obvious difference lies in the tail. Le shape de la Puzzle est assez similaire à la Apollo, mais la grosse différence se fait au niveau du tail.

Korua Puzzle 1snowboard. Il offre plus de rigidité en to. Unique snowboard shapes, simply for the sake of beauty and joy. Top row: Apollo 5 Asytoni 6 Pencil 6 Pencil Split 64. Bottom row: Puzzle 6 Stealth 6 Tranny Finder 5 . Float Camber La forme float Camber a plus de Rocker dans la spatula de sorte que vous avez plus de forme S. Ainsi avec ce board vous obtenez plus de . KORUA Shapes Japan|公式オンラインショップ」の「 KORUA ,SNOWBOAR KORUA , Puzzle 」カテゴリーの商品一覧.

Der korua puzzle Shape è molto simile al des Apollo S, con la grande differenza nel Tail. ES ist, oltretutto molto rigido, che è molto veloce e ti immediato . I became intrigued by the korua , but not enough converge views on them ! I want to know something about korua puzzle ? Our best selling KORUA items were The Pencil, The Apollo , the Trannyfinder and the Puzzle. Personally I am still surprised the enormous .